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Media Madness

Exciting–which in my world translates as terrifying and potentially frustrating–news on the distribution of “Tru”. I’ve had repeated questions about making this title available as an audiobook. So…after much deliberation, I’ve... read more

Welcome to the Grind

So the new book just dropped–finally, mercifully–and a smattering of very polite and a few rather blunt supporters have asked, what the heck took so long? It’s a valid question. It’s a much shorter book than anything in the trilogy but it took... read more

New Direction, Q&A

Just ahead of the next novel’s March release, I’ve been getting a few questions from curious readers about the change in genre and audience. Read on for a quick overview of the most frequent inquiries and my–hopefully–adequate answers.  ... read more

Tru. The first look.

Sharing a new story is terrifying. It means putting yourself and your work out there– hoping for a reception that doesn’t leave bruises. It’s not a surprise that I’ve been reluctant to take that leap. But I woke up today with some much needed... read more

Better Angels

There’s no easy way to say it. 2015 was a rough one. The world got a little crazier and a little less kind. We saw bright shiny moments of hope and inspiration but they were too quickly eclipsed by the shadows of fear, intolerance and hate. Again and again, we... read more